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The French Savoir Faire

Salon owner

Salon ownerThe owner, Patou Castay, has 35 years of experience in the field of hair and has expertise with all hair types and textures as a trichologist, stylist and colorist. In the 80s, Patou opened her first salon in partnership with a holistic medical center where she saw first hand the negative impact that certain chemicals have on one’s health. She was already aware of the allergic reactions caused by certain hair dyes, relaxers, and permanent waves.

As a trichologist she had treated many cases of hair loss and scalp disorders. The answer was to find safer, less aggressive, “greener” alternatives than the traditional salon chemicals.

Because of her biochemistry background in her native France, Patou was able to navigate all the confusing product labels, misleading ingredient lists, and false claims found in the cosmetic industry. She selected professional products that were “green” enough to be safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly but also capable of delivering the expected results without which she would be ecologically correct but with no clients.


Salon ownerNatural Hair Coloring

Our extensive European organic color lines are hypo-allergenic and free of irritants (no ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, or formaldehyde), yet they cover 100% of gray hair and deliver beautiful, long lasting, realistic tones. Since the hair and skin are not chemically "attacked", the new growth blends with the processed hair, therefore avoiding unnatural contrasting roots. Stains along the hairline are also no longer an issue.


Natural Hair Relaxer/Texturizer

Our cream relaxers, although not organic, contain no lye, have minimal amounts of chemicals and a low alkaline PH. Acidic liquid protein, natural oils, and plant extracts are added to the formulation to increase the strength, moisture, and elasticity of the hair fiber, to safeguard the integrity of the scalp, and to maintain the cortex and the cuticle in optimum health. Each batch of relaxers is custom made according to the degree of curl elongation that you wish to obtain.

Salon owner

Salon ownerFirst example:

Your hair is tightly coiled, difficult and time-consuming to comb and style. You sometimes wear braids, twists, and ponytails, but you would also enjoy wearing your curls in a carefree, loose style if you hair were more manageable. In this case, a minimum amount of texturizing would loosen up some of the tightness, facilitate detangling, and reduce the amount of time and products necessary to achieve a better ringlet definition less prone to mat or snarl together.

Second example:

Your hair is loosely coiled and you like wearing it straight, silky, and bouncy. After undergoing all the heat involved in obtaining that look, you find that your hair reverts to its original state with the least amount of perspiration or humidity. In this case, a greater amount of curl relaxation is needed to cut down on the intensity or frequency of heat styling and to prevent early reversion.

Natural Treatment for Curly Hair

For temporary curl and frizz reduction using keratin protein, and heat, the Brazilian smoothing treatments are very efficient. Unfortunately, it is the formaldehyde and its hidden derivatives contained in the formula which give the desired results. To hear an honest opinion on this very controversial subject, consult with Patou and find out if your hair type qualifies for the new milder, non chemical keratin treatments.

And for the purist who wishes to remain 100% natural with NO chemical exposure whatsoever but who needs help caring for sometimes dry, brittle, dull, “snarly” tresses, we recommend trying our high performing trichology salon treatments.


Now you are in control of your hair; your hair is not in control of you!

Trichology, the Science of Hair

Patou Castay is one of the few hair experts in the United States who is certified as a trichologist by the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). She has been a guest speaker on numerous television and radio programs as well as a lecturer at various health and beauty shows.

Long recognized as a science in England, trichology is the study of the hair and scalp, just as dermatology is the study of skin. The London Institute of Trichology was established in 1902 to advance the understanding of hair and scalp science. Since then, trichology has spread to other countries, with a growing number of certified practitioners.

Trichologists are fully qualified to treat such hair and scalp problems as hair loss, dandruff, itchiness, hair breakage, oiliness, dryness, chemical allergies, etc.

Salon ownerPatou’s approach to treating those conditions is also holistic and natural. It may consist of applying specific therapeutic formulations to the hair and scalp in conjunction with massage, heat, steam, or laser. Those remedies in the form of ointments, masks, oils, mineral or vegetal extracts have healing properties which exfoliate, detoxify, purify, soothe, hydrate, and reconstruct. However, certain cases of hair loss and dandruff require the use of more potent medicinal compounds. The trichology consultation, which includes a review of personal history and an examination of the hair and scalp, will determine the best suited treatments for the client. In some instances, referral to a dermatologist is recommended. Hair is a reflection of your health. So, nutritional advice and food supplements might be recommended. With thousands of hair products on the market, finding the right one that will work for you is no easy task. Let the trichologist evaluate your existing regimen by bringing your own products to the consultation and let her prescribe new formulations if necessary.

List of Services

This Month's Special:

Free Trichology Consultation (with or without hair services)



Trichology Consultation (without hair services)$55
Trichology Consultation (with hair services)Free
Color consultationFree
Relaxer/ texturizer consultationFree
Therapeutic shampoo + conditioner$25 and up
Scalp and hair treatments$45 and up
Organic permanent color (retouch)$75 and up
Organic permanent color (full head)$95 and up
Organic Color rinse (long lasting)$50 and up
Hi-lights/lowlights (full foil)$125 and up
Hi-lights/lowlights (partial foil)$85 and up
Custom made natural relaxer/texturizer$95 and up
Brazilian Keratin smoothing treatment$185 and up
Precision Hair cut$55 and up
Hair trim$40 and up
Blow dry styling$50 and up
Roller set$55 and up
Wrap $45 and up
Wrap /curl (done with ceramic, infrared tools)$55 and up
Blow dry /curl (done with ceramic, infrared tools)$60 and up
Blow dry/press/curl (done with ceramic, infrared tools)$75 and up
All coloring, relaxing, cutting and styling services include a therapeutic shampoo + conditioner.
Styling is not included in the relaxer, cut, and color prices.
Prices decrease when services are combined as a package.

Vive la Difference! Salon/Spa Experience:

As you enter the Salon, notice there are no chemical fumes in the air.

The Salon Visit

A hair analysis with Patou precedes any hair services. The consultation consist of a thorough examination and detailed history of your hair and scalp.Your services are then done by Patou and her friendly, experienced stylists of 18 years. The products are hair and skin friendly.

The Spa Visit

salon visitThe Spa is nested on the 2nd floor, above the hair Salon, away from traffic. We offer: Facials, waxing, threading, electrolysis, eyelashes extension, eyebrows and eyelashes tinting.

Ancill McDonald, master esthetician and skin care instructor, runs MSI Beauty Studio upstairs. Ancill and Patou share the same passion for delivering quality and results oriented beauty treatments, using only non-invasive therapies and chemical-free cosmetics.

facialsThe product we choose to represent our “green philosophy” is HYLUNIA, Ayurvedic skin care line, a longtime sensitive skin specialist.

So, make yourself comfortable.
Just relax, you are in good hands.


Hair Salon Open: Wednesday - Saturday & Every Other Sunday

Spa Open: Monday - Saturday & Every Other Sunday
If you are calling while the receptionist is busy or off duty, please leave a message speaking slowly and clearly. Calls are monitored often and returned promptly.


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Clients looking for a certified Trichologist, Natural Hair Stylist / Hairdresser, Organic Hair Colorist and Chemical Free Natural Relaxers and Therapeutic Hair & Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss including hair loss from Alopecia vist our Curly Hair Specialists including Dominican Hair Sytlists and come from all over the District of Columbia DC, Washington DC suburbs including Georgetown & Capitol Hill as well as Prince Georges County, Maryland; Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville and Silver Spring in Montgomery County MD; and Northern Virginia including McLean, Reston, Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, Alexandria in Fairfax County and Arlington VA. Laser treatments and steam treatments also available at our Natural Spa / Hair Salon.